What's next for smC2C?

We have 4 main goals: Increasing kindergarten readiness; strengthening youth connectedness and emotional health; engaging vulnerable youth and their families in supportive services; and improving college and career readiness. 

Current projects are moving us toward achieving those goals, including:

  • Building Blocks For Kindergarten - A campaign to educate and empower parents preparing their children for school and ensure classrooms are ready for students.
  • Coordinated Programs with the Pico Library at Virginia Avenue Park - Creating a campus that will offer the best of both library and park programming, and increase early and family literacy resources for the Pico Neighborhood.
  • Formulating a Coordinated Response to Emotional Health Needs - Support for youth and families to increase overall resilience and address alcohol & substance abuse and feelings of sadness and hopelessness.
  • College & Career Readiness - Preparing older youth for access to jobs and careers that lead to livable wages and advancement.
  • Expanding 'Whatever It Takes' Services - Coordinated service plans for the most vulnerable youth across all age groups. 
  • Aligning Early Care & Out-of-School Time Programs With In-School Learning
  • Policy Development, Funding & Advocacy - Working with Federal, State, County, and Local legislators to advocate for early childhood and post-secondary education, violence prevention, and comprehensive mental health services.