Pathways to Adulthood

Being college and career ready means that our students graduate high school armed with the English & Math skills needed for life beyond school - whether that means college, community college, apprenticeship, or a vocational program. smC2C is focused on helping 16-24 year-olds build the skills needed to get jobs and careers that lead to livable wages and room for advancement. We're also taking a 'whatever it takes' approach to addressing serious issues preventing older youth from successfully transitioning into adulthood and attaining self-sufficiency.


smC2C Case Study: YRT = Whatever It Takes

Disconnected youth ages 16 - 24 who are not in school or working and lack supportive networks may encounter significant challenges when transitioning into adulthood and faced with being able to support themselves. Issues often involve substance abuse, youth & family violence, mental health issues, school performance, lack of job training, trouble with the police, or a combination of problems. 

Santa Monica's Youth Resource Team - or YRT 2.0 - is doing whatever it takes to help this vulnerable population get back on track. An action plan is developed for each participant to coordinate services that get at root issues, whether it's education, training & employment, behavioral and physical health, violence reduction and prevention, or housing. Given the complex nature of these problems, individual action plans most often involve a number of these services. 

   Find help, services, or programs for children and families in Santa Monica with the   Program Finder

Find help, services, or programs for children and families in Santa Monica with the Program Finder