Child Care & Early Education in Santa Monica

For Child Care Providers

Child care providers and early educators in Santa Monica have a wonderful network of support and resources available to them. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm considering opening an child care center or family child care home in Santa Monica. Where do I start? 
Read the provider planning guides for the ins and outs of opening and operating a child care facility in Santa Monica:

How can I find out more about Santa Monica's policies and strategic plans related to child care and early education in Santa Monica? 
Reports, zoning maps, and other planning documents can be found on the Policies & Planning page. 

Does Santa Monica have an advocacy group working to preserve and promote quality, affordable child care options in our community? 
Yes. The Early Childhood Task Force has been advocating for child care and early education for decades. 

I'm a child care provider or early educator working with families to prepare their children for the transition to school. Are there any resources that could help me?
The Building Blocks For Success campaign was developed to help build awareness and education among parents about what kindergarten readiness is, why it's so very important, and what they can do now to make sure children are confident and ready to start school. Our Building Blocks For Success Partners have access to training materials, education opportunities, and other resources to help work with parents during this critical developmental point in a child's life. Best of all? Being a Building Blocks Partner is free! 

If you're a parent looking to find child care options in Santa Monica, please try our Program Finder.